Rup 1 Essay

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RUP 1 Project
Kelly Deakle
Western Governors University

Missions and Visions of Nursing I have a mission and vision that I strive for in my nursing profession that I strive to maintain on a daily basis. This mission and vision includes compassion, teamwork, continuing education on every level, and communication. I strive to follow the Code of Ethics from fellow nursing leaders and be true to the oath of my profession. On a daily basis I strive to maintain a relationship-based nursing practice. A. Functional Differences A regulatory agency and a professional organization play a role in my nursing profession. I belong to the Mississippi Board of Nursing which is a regulatory agency that requires rules and regulations to be
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These are volunteer basis not required. Being a member of this organization is a privilege. It leads me down the path of furthering my education in my chosen field of practice; meeting peers from all over the globe, and learning different practices in other Emergency Rooms. The Emergency Nursing Association has a vison and mission statement that coincides with each other. Their vision is indispensable to the global community and their mission is to advocate for patient safety and excellence in Emergency Nursing practice. (Emergency Nursing Association, 2014). Being a member of this organization you receive discounted CEN exam, a Journal of Emergency Nursing subscription, and stay connected to state and national events. B. Code of Ethic Examples When thinking about the American Nursing Code of Ethics and how I apply them to my practice I think of Provision Seven. Provision Seven states”The nurse participates in the advancement of the profession through contributions to practice, education, administration, and knowledge development.” (ANA, 2001). I use this provision in two different ways. The first is my involvement in our hospitals Advance Program. The program is for nurses to be recognized for clinical expertise and commitment to patient care. In this program we strive to promote health, mentor students and our fellow peers, community service, interdisciplinary

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