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RUP1 Project
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RUP1 Project
Being a nurse is not just a profession, it is a privilege and an honor. With it being a profession where there is an opportunity to touch many patients’ lives, there must be regulations, laws, and codes that nurses must abide by. There are certain professional traits that a nurse must possess to make them not only a good nurse but a great nurse. There are various nursing theories that a nurse can base their practice upon and many historical figures of the past that guide the nurses of today and of the future.
A. Functional Differences
This section will discuss the functional differences between the regulatory agency that is the
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In Provision 2.1 of the Code of Ethics, it states that the nurses primary commitment is to the patient, whether an individual, family, group, or community. Provision 5.2 requires a commitment to lifelong learning (American Nurses Association, 2001). I commit myself to providing the best possible care to each and every patient I encounter. I also have committed myself to lifelong learning shown by my aspiration to continue my education through this program. The last professional trait I bring to the table is that of accountability. I show accountability by making myself answerable for any action I take in the course of my nursing practice. To avoid placing myself in a situation that I would not want to be accountable for I steer away from practices that are prohibited or that I know I could not perform safely. I am confident that I fully possess these four professional traits and that I could bring these to an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals with the purpose of ensuring that the needs of our patients are met.
D. Nursing Theory
A theory that has influenced my personal professional practice is that of Jean Watson and her Theory of Caring. Watson’s Theory of Caring is quite simple; everyone requires human caring as it is essential for healing. By caring the nurse helps to restore balance and harmony in mind, body, and

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