`` Running Through The Six With My Woes `` Essay

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The phrase “running through the six with my woes” is one of the few lines that appear in Drake’s hit song, Know Yourself. He denotes the phrase to riding around the area code of 416, in Toronto, with his “whoadies” or boys. The phrase is commonly misinterpreted and the term woe is taken to a literal sense meaning problems. This misinterpretation correctly interprets General Ludendorff’s notion of “Stab-in-the-back” as he rode to war with his woes. These woes came from the people that reside in his own countryside.
In 1918, the German army attempted an offensive attack on the western front that proved to be very effective. This promising attack came to a vital outcome and that was the loss of the war. The German military dove too deep into the western front consequently overstretching their supply lines. Unfortunately, this deep invasion choked themselves and the defeat of Germany was unavoidable. The fall of other Central Powers quickly spelled the end for Germany but incorporated General Ludendorff’s opinion.
At the end of World War One, the demise of the German Empire was a tough subject for the people, generals, and the right wing political party to digest. The average German didn’t witness body limbs being scattered across terrain. They didn’t see bullets firing with vicious velocity. They did not experience the war firsthand because upon surrender, the war effort had not reached German civilian territory. War had not come to the backyard of German lands and therefore…

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