Running Man Postmodern Analysis Essay

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2. MUKHAMMAD ABDI (121012105)

English Department
Faculty of Humanities
Universitas Airlangga
Nowadays, our life provides with all things that easily access in many ways, we can take from television, film, radio, newspapers and the internet. Those lists can be categorized into media tools, which useful to communicate messages to audiences in the world.
As we have known, in recent years Korean wave has drawn out our attention through the various of popular culture in its television programs. Korea apparently has succeeded spread its cultural products such
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This obviously imitating superhero movie with non-sense power. Actually, those various missions and games are just the same as usual games we ever seen yet only changed a little bit by modifying it. Those are obviously pastiche and intertextuality that the producer or creative team borrowing and transforming the idea from a prior text and thus there is no new style invented since the creation only picking up existing concept to create different picture as what Jameson (1967) in Bertens said: [t]here is another sense in which the writers and artists of the present day will no longer be able to invent new styles and worlds—they’ve already been invented; only a limited number of combinations are possible; the most unique ones have been thought of already.

2. The Celebrity Cast
There are also some aspects that make Running Man postmodern, it is through the casts since the characters they play are direct references to other people in fictional even animal character. For example, Kim Jong Kook with his physical power often referred to Sparta and thus called Sparta-Kook and tiger, Yoo Jae Suk with his Yoomes Bond and grasshopper character, Lee Gwangsoo even called Giraffe with his tall body, etc. They tend to resemble themselves to other reference rather than to attach themselves with their new own style, as said by Booker about Jameson suggestion of loss of distinctive individual styles

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