Running Head : Data Mining And Business Analytics Essay example

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Running head: Data Mining & Business Analytics Mid Term

MIS 5375 580: Data Mining & Business Analytics Mid Term Exam
Mukesh Reddy Dhanagari
Texas A&M International University

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Mukesh Reddy Dhanagari is a student of Texas A&M International University from the department of Information Systems.
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Running head: Data Mining & Business Analytics Mid Term
1. Explain what data mining and business analytics consist of and how they differ and resemble each other.
Data mining is a process of extracting data which cannot be identified using simple analysis. This process helps to extract different trends and patterns in large datasets using complicated mathematical algorithms. The properties of data mining are said to be Automatic discovery of patterns, Prediction of likely outcomes, Creation of actionable information, Focus on large data sets and databases (Oracle, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, pg9). The process of data mining consists of different phases where which are executed one after the other and the process if of iterative in nature. Mining of data provides solutions, these solutions in turn gives raise to new business questions, thus making the process to be cyclic. Such procedures help the business to achieve more focused analysis of data. Figure 1.1:…

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