Running For A Change At High School Sports Essay

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PH 90 Tuesday and Thursday
Running for a change
I. How healthy are you? From my behavior change paper, the main change that I am focusing on is from the physical health behavior. The one question that I’m focusing on deals with becoming happy with my body size and weight; this question was the only question where I scored a one. From past experiences, I would be content with my body by being physically active. However, with the change of environment of being in high school sports to going into a college environment where I have a less physical schedule has strained my thoughts of how I see my body. With this conflict I’m easily accessible to that thought of being distressed and unhappy, so I want to exercise to counteract those thoughts (Hellmich, 2013). With the behavior change contract, I have decided to become physically active to help raise my endorphins and to de-stress myself every week (“Physical Activity and Health”, 2015). My long-term goal is to run at least fifty miles through October and November. I plan to reach this goal by running and going to the gym every weekend with my friends, and family. I can only exercise over the weekend due to time constraints. To record these activities, I downloaded a running app on my phone to track the distance and time that I run called Runkeeper (Runkeeper, 2015). I also keep a typed log of what I do when I go to the gym to track what machines and weights I use for repetitions of workout activities that I do.

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