Runaways Essay

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Runaway Teenagers
Runaway teenagers are a very serious issue that the United States faces today. Adolescents are running away from home and to the streets. This act of running away is not without reason. There exist various different explanations as to why teenager’s runaway from home, but the most common reasons for youth to runaway is because of domestic violence, neglect, sexual abuse and stress. Under all of these situations the youth feel insecure and endangered, which leads them to escape. Home life is of great influence and is the greatest reason behind fugitive youth; therefore home life conditions must be improved in order to lessen the amount of runaway youth.
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In order to escape from sexual abuse, adolescents tend to abandon their homes and run towards the streets. Once these teenagers leave home they find themselves forced to engage in activities such as survival sex in exchange for basic necessities (Finzel 1). Indeed, teenagers that have been sexually abused before running away are more prompt to engage in this type of life since they believe themselves to be unworthy and do not hold any value over their body. Statistics show that 17% of runaway adolescents have experienced abuse, what is worse is that there is nothing being done about this problem (Finzel 1). Sexual abuse is a serious problem in America and one that should be punished more severely since it is causing youth to depart from their homes and engage in activities that put their lives in danger. If this issue was addressed more strongly and efficiently the amount of runaway teenagers that are suffering in the streets could be reduced.
Although it is normally an undermined issue, stress is a very big problem and also one that can cause teenagers to abandon their homes and flee toward the streets. Stress can be caused when adolescents are under too much pressure either at home or at school. Juveniles may feel pressured in various different ways, either academically or socially, yet when they are not able to deal with the pressure and come out with the desired results whether it is

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