Rules Of The Game By Jean Renoir Essay

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Rules of the Game by Jean Renoir is a film that depicts members of upper-class French society and their servants prior to the beginning of World War II, showing their moral cruelty on the eve of impending destruction. Rules of the Game gives an insight into the history of France and how the difference in social classes made a vast difference in how one was treated and how one was judged or looked upon. Whether the upper classes did something good or bad most of the time they were looked at with good eyes and weren’t judged as badly as were those from the lower classes. By watching this film we can learn a lot about France’s culture, history, and society. We can also learn about the historical problems that the film caused and questions it raised. The film caused a lot of conflict when it was first shown. Many of the audience members were not pleased with the film. According to an interview with Renoir’s son Alain, “the film was reviled as being demoralizing and anti-patriotic” (Peter Rist, "– Offscreen The Rules of Criterion", 2004). They didn’t agree with the fact that Renoir had cast a Jewish actor to play a French nobleman, which enraged more violent French bigots. Some audiences were outraged to see France’s ruling class portrayed as either profoundly immoral or ignorantly foolish. One of the film’s main points was to depict a society that was obsessed with class. The film didn’t just mock the frivolous bourgeoisie but it also blamed them for what was happening coming…

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