Rules Of Rewards For School Wide Behavior Management Program Essay

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The article, PBIS Rules, Rewards Boost School-Wide Behavior and Academics proposes that providing rules, along with frequent rewards, and a school-wide behavior management program increases academic performance and considerably reduces discipline problems for all students. This factor in itself is just cause for school districts to take notice and to consider implementation as soon as possible. The PBIS program focuses on creating and sustaining school-wide, classroom, and individual systems of support for positive behavior. The program focuses on important factors, which include identifying behavioral expectations along with procedures for monitoring the implementation of the program.
First, schools start implementation of PBIS by developing expectations and rules for the entire school. These expectations are highly visible in key locations, such as hallways, the cafeteria, as well as in all classrooms. This ensures that all students are aware of the expectations. Teachers must also be quick to react to positive behavior, rather than reacting to negative or unwanted behavior. The rules should be developed by all staff and contain wanted behaviors that would be exhibited by the students, such as being respectful, safe, and caring.
Next, students must understand that there are rewards for good behaviors such as tickets for extra recess time, items from the school store, school celebrations, as well as other privileges or activities. Furthermore, teachers must be generous…

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