Rules Of Lionel Messi

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Whatever a manger can do in a real football club a user can do it on the game. The rules of Football Manager 2010 are the same with real football. In the match each team plays with eleven players and have 7 substitutes (this depend of the league that the user choose). Each can make 3 substitutes. If a player gets 2 yellow cards in the same match he get sent off and all other rules that real football have.

In football manager the players have to make their team competitive. Depend of the team that you manage there are different objectives. Let’s take a big team for example. The player has to buy good players and to do that will need money. If you give less money you buy a player that may not be that good. Many offers will come for the stars players of your team. You have to make a decision. Will you sell them with the risk that you might not find deputy or you will keep him and throw all the money that the transfer will give you away? The player has to find the right formation for the team. If a bad result comes you have to confront with the press and the fans. They might criticize you for the formation that you are using. Will you answer? Will you change the formation? Your star player is not performing well, will you put him on the bench? In the match you have to give the right touchline instructions and make the correct substitutes. A player of your team may get send-off or is
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It also support network play. Players control a team that they choose at the begin. In the game the players control the players that come to the team and the players that leave the team. Also the players control the staff team (scouts, coaches, youth couches, assistant manager), the tactic of the team, which players are going to play in a match, which player is going to take the corner kicks, the penalty kicks, the fouls and are responsible for the training of the players. The players can take decision to renew a contract of a player, to criticize a player, to praise a player, to release on free a player, to put a player in transfer list, to fine a player and promote a player. The players are responsible for the reserve team and the under 20 team. Also can attend a press conference, can comment for the next opposition team and can comment for all the players in the game. The players can arrange friendlies and tournaments. Also can demand from the team board to expand the stadium, for extra transfer funds, for extra wage funds and for better training facilities. In the match players are responsible for the substitutes and for the team talk at the begin, ht and ft of the match. Also can change the tactic of the team during the game and can use the touchline instruction for a quick shout to the

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