Rules And Regulations At Winston Salem Prep Essay

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To start off there are many rules and regulations at Winston Salem Prep. They are known as The Prep Way – The Only Way. Achievement Up -Conflict Down. All of these rules that we have would be great of they were actually being followed by all students, and were actually being enforced by all principles. There are several ways that we can enforce these sets of rules and I will talk about them.
All students, at the beginning of every school day should respect the moment of silence, the pledge of allegiance, and the WSPA mission statement. If any student does not respect any of these, they should get a D1 referral, and should be sent to ISS, unless they don’t want to do it because of their religion. Students should remind each other to be silent during these announcements. Teachers should also state to be silent before the announcements start. The reason for this is so students listen to the important information in the announcements.
Do not use profanity at school! Do not curse in any other language either. Profanity just demonstrates the kind of person you are and creates bad character for you. Cursing is a way of releasing anger, or a way of expressing anger. Profanity usually leads to physically violence or can be used to bully people. That is not what we want at Winston Salem Prep. We want to reduce fighting and any other type of conflicts, and get more educational time. Cursing also encourages bulling some times and we want to prevent that as well. If you are caught…

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