Rudeness In Civil Life

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Register to read the introduction… To begin with identifying the civil lifestyle tenets, the reader is asked a few introspective questions. Through asking questions like do I boast, or am I sarcastic, over critical, or overly demanding one is able to identify potential causes for rudeness from others. After the personal assessment, Forni clearly outlines these rules of civility. Slowing down and being present in your life is the first rule of creating a civil lifestyle. Providing people with ample time to project kindness and decency is central to maintaining positive relationships, while the need for instant gratification can be the breeding ground for rudeness. Second, listening to voice of empathy allows us to be fully aware of others, and extend them similar courtesies that we ourselves want. Keeping a positive attitude is next. A positive outlook makes one a more likeable individual, and people are more inclined to assist and be assisted by a happy, likeable

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