Ruby Slippers Thesis

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ABC airs two women kissing on a “family show” causes an uproar for family morals! Sounds like a headline for a great newspaper article, but the backlash for this episode has caused a lot of angry parents questioning the “morals” of showing an openly gay couple kissing as well as the LGBT community arguing that they were “misrepresented” on the show. Sunday April 17th, 2016 ABC aired the fifth seasons of the popular TV show Once Upon A Time’s episode “Ruby Slippers”. The show’s creators had already hinted that there was going to be a gay couple in the second half of the fifth season, thus already stirring up noise among the viewers. Now upon this airing the episode there was a true love’s kiss shared between two women on a show that is known to be a “family show” that has thrown parents into a frenzy about good old fashioned wholesome family morals being crushed due to appeasing the “gay agenda”. Quick rundown of the episode so those reading understand why 1MM and the LGBT community are up in arms about the …show more content…
Throwing terms like “pandering”, “gay agenda”, “corruption”, and “wrong” is detrimental on a young adult and even child’s mind. As a bisexual adult I have been on both sides of this at one point and time in my life where I was the one grossed out or the one fighting for the right to marry a woman I loved. This single episode if shown to me when I was a teenager trying to figure out who I was and why I liked girls being shown to me would have changed my life and the outlook I had about being comfortable with who I am. This was the first time I could look at the media in tears and a smile and say, “Thank you for giving me my happy ending and hope for a better future for those that are struggling with coming out to their friends and family as well as accepting who they are as a

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