Congenital Heart Diseases Case Studies

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- Congenital Heart Defect (patent ductus arterious/pda)
- Asthma
- GERD – G-tube feeding
- Dysphagia
- Mixed receptive -expressive language disorder
- Allergic to Bactrim
- Palatal Talon Cusps
- Bilateral Epicanthal folds

Subjective findings
- Prematurity
- Lack maternal pre-natal care
- Non- progressive /unproductive labor (delivered via C- Sec)
Objective findings
- Impaired development in all areas
- Poor sense of balance, coordination, and motor planning
- Limited endurance to gross motor activities
- Delayed protective reactions

Screenings questions were addressed related to current asthma condition, unilateral renal agenesis, ear infections, ambiguous genitalia, hypospadias, GERD and G-tube feeding along with past surgical
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Intrinsic knowledge of primary and secondary medical diagnosis, review of systems, along with strong understanding of past and current medical history and medications are crucial in the management of this client, including potential impact on therapy program. Comprehensive neurophysiologic and developmental strategies are mandatory in the treatment of RTS and Isodicentric 15 (Battaglia, 2008).
On a personal note, this little boy is a pleasure to treat. Parents are active participants in the treatment of their child. Gradual improvements have been observed along the PT intervention. We are committed to optimize his
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