Ruben Martinez 's Crossing Over : A Mexican Family On The Migrant Trail

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Ruben Martinez’s Crossing Over: A Mexican Family on the Migrant Trail follows Martinez as he gathers stories from those in the village of Cherán after the death of the three Chávez brothers: Benjamin, Jaime, and Salvador. Through this, Martinez collects stories of the families in Cheran, a small village in the state of Michoacán, Mexico. Through the collection of these stories, Martinez states in the end of the first part of the novel a prophecy: the cultural hybridization of the Mexicans in the United States will lead to a browning of the America. In other words, Martinez prophesizes that the future of America holds a new culture, through the ongoing process of cultural hybridization. Although the ongoing relationship between the two countries, in wake of the current situation in America—with the recent election—and stories of characters encountered conflict one another, I agree that the prophecy is bound to be fulfilled. Through the close relationship and the learned norms of culture, the hybridization of two the cultures will lead to the America being speckled with a new wave of generation. Mexico and the United States have many things in common; the most common being that they are neighbours. Through the similarity of products and dependency on one another, the hybridization of the two nations become more apparent. Martinez recalls walking through the streets of Cheran, “I pick up and examine a faded, crumpled tube of Colgate toothpaste, its ingredients listened in…

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