RoyCritique Essay

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A Critique of Sister Callista Roy’s Adaptation Model
Ashley Taylor
Maryville University

Roy’s Adaptation Model (RAM) is one of the most commonly used theories in nursing research and education for today’s modern nursing. It focuses on a person’s adaptation to his/her environment and guides nursing interventions in order to promote healthy adaptation. I chose the adaptation model because her model closely resembles my thoughts on nursing. The holistic approach and value on adaptation that RAM presents is one that closely aligns with my nursing philosophy. When reviewing and analyzing RAM, the Barnum critique is used in order to break down the model and interpret its weaknesses and strengths. “Barnum suggested that passing
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RAM is useful particularly in nursing practice, because it outlines the features of the discipline and provides direction for practice, education, and research. The model considers goals, values, the patient, and practitioner interventions. The six step nursing assessments assist in identification of nursing goals and diagnoses.
RAM stands out from other health care professionals by introducing nursing specific ideas and practice. This theory “evolved from a belief that nursing makes a unique contribution to patient care” (Meleis, 2012, p.336). It deals with the physiological needs of the patients and the role that nurses play in relation to adaption.
Scope of Theory RAM is considered a Grand Theory, therefore, the scope of this theory is broad. This grand theory, at first, may seem to be of little uses in modern nursing but its strong framework leads us to developing more focused theories and numerous research studies. RAM covers a large base, which includes education, research, and nursing practice. It has been the basis for development of many middle-range theories.
Initially researchers ignored this theory because they found that the complexity of the ideas were too cumbersome or unrepresentative of the nursing perspective (Meleis 2012). Its major concepts, sub-concepts and relational statements make it a very complex model. Some researchers would even use the theory as a framework but because of all of the

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