Royal Successionion In Medieval England

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Considering the relationship between the evolving concept and power and the English monarch and the tensions of royal succession experienced in the Medieval to Early Modern period in England, as the concepts of power of the English Monarch changed over time, so did the underlying issues of succession. These simultaneous changes in the way monarchs viewed their roles and their responsibilities, the question of was it the concerns of royal succession that redefined the concepts of royal power and authority or visa versa? Though arguments can be made for both sides, the fact that Henry VIIII essentially created a new religion in attempts to have another shot of having a make heir to succeed him suggests that is was in fact the concerns of succession …show more content…
1509-1547) is one of the most infamous Kings of the Medieval era, known for his numerous wives and more so for his enormous impact on the religion in England. During this time, divorce was not common nor was it easy. After Henry had married his late brother’s widow and was unable to produce a male heir , the question of succession arose and took a higher precedence in his life, so much so to the point of trying to divorce his wife and marry Anne Boleyn . The reason behind Henry’s obsession with having a male heir stems back to “the one precedent for female rule, the brief “reign” of Matilda (lived 1102-67) in 1141, was universally agreed to have been an unhappy one” . Resulting in a “patriarchal interpretation of English history” . This notion of maintaining a male monarch became even more “urgent given England’s recent history of civil War. Reared on the memory of the Wars of the Roses, Henry VIII and his subjects had been taught to believe that without a strong (read adult male) presence on the throne of England, those wars could break out again” . It’s through his example that it is obvious why a male heir was important, having gone through some many wars to secure a place on the throne, Henry was determined to maintain his family line on the throne, this only possible through a male

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