Royal Colony : A Colony Essay examples

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Royal colony: A royal colony is one ruled over by an official chosen by the monarch in rule, specifically the British crown ruler. Oftentimes, the monarch would only indirectly rule over the colony with direct rule coming from the governor or proprietor. Nonetheless, the monarch still retained the most power since he had the power to elect the governor and overlook his decisions. Many proprietary colonies later became royal colonies after being accrued by the monarch or royal rule. Because of the colony’s tie to a sovereign nation, more immigrants moved to royal colonies, such as in the case of New York when eleven thousand immigrants from France, Britain, and New England joined the measly nine thousand original colonists. These royal colonies were able to gain the support and aid of the crown and all of its resources.
Proprietary colony: A proprietary colony is a colony led by proprietors, specifically English politicians, who would manage the colony’s people, defense, and government. Proprietors receive grants or rights to certain unclaimed (or abandoned) plots of land. In one such colony, the proprietors are limited only by the royal jurisdiction on trade, war, and legislation (since an elected body was needed to ratify laws). One example of a proprietary colony is Lord Baltimore’s colony, which he named Maryland, in which he created a refuge for English Catholics from any persecution existent in England. These colonies were generally free from royal rule, yet had the…

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