Roy Rogers : A Fast Food Franchise Essay

825 Words Jul 3rd, 2015 4 Pages
Roy Rogers is a fast-food franchise that primarily serves burgers and chicken. The corporate managers are faced with a tough decision when one of their largest franchisees, Jack Towle, requested to replace the salad bar in one of his new locations with additional seating. Jack was different from most of the Roy Rogers franchisees in that he owned other restaurant franchises in addition to Roy Rogers, although they didn’t serve the same type of food. Towle explained that this new location was going to be located in a business area with a lot of lunch traffic and he believed that the restaurant would be more profitable by having additional seating instead of the salad bar that all other Roy Rogers have. There are many problems that management must take into consideration before telling Jack Towle yes or no. One of the biggest problems is how customers would respond to this restaurant not having a salad bar. The restaurant is unique among other fast-food restaurants in that it offers a salad and condiment bar in the middle of each restaurant. There are customers that are going to expect this new location to have the salad bar in it, and if there isn’t one, would they still eat there? They risk losing customers and anybody that those customers bring with them by removing the salad bar. Another issue is that the request to remove the salad bar goes against the franchise agreement. If they let Jack eliminate the salad bar, other franchisees would and should be upset.…

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