Rowenta Air Purifier Analysis

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The best Rowenta air purifiers have been released for a number of years now and yet, some people are still complaining about coughing, sneezing, allergy and all sorts of illness related to unclean air inside your homes.

So if you're still in doubt of getting yourselves these high quality and in-demand products, check our Rowenta air purifier reviews. This guide is based on the machine's air purifying performance, design and silent operation.

Most of the mainstream air purifiers out there are only responsible of running basic air purifying tasks like filtering out dust, and human and pet hair. Users can just truly enjoy these tasks when set to lower speed settings because of their tendency to produce noise that can disrupt sleep. But if
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Formaldehyde is a cancer-causing agent as identified by the World Health Organization. This is the most dangerous home pollutant that is found in pressed wood materials, perfumed candles, paints, cleaning products or still shampoo. Long term exposure to high concentrations of formaldehyde if not can lead to cancer, but can irritate the eyes, nose and throat and further increase the risk of getting allergies and asthma.

Rowenta PU6010

The Rowenta PU6010 is a sleek and high-quality air purifier that boasts multiple filters particularly the patented NanoCaptur filter technology which can permanently destroy formaldehyde, a known carcinogen. It is a powerful air purifier with cool features and design that runs very quiet for just about any light sleeper.

4 stages of filtration, using the pre-filter to trap above 10 microns particles such as human and animal hair for the first stage; the active carbon filter to remove powerful odors and harmful toxins for the second stage; the true HEPA filter to capture 99.97% of microscopic airborne allergens including virus, bacteria, mold and more for the third stage; and the unique NanoCaptur filter to reduce formaldehyde levels indoors.
4 airflow settings to fit your needs, with the first speed being the most quiet and fourth speed for an ultra-high purification
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The filters are very easy to maintain, with the pre-filter being the best because it just needs rinsing for dust collection.
It has a filter reset button to restart the replacement timer for the filters.
It weighs less than PU6010, making it great for users after a portable air purifier – from one room to another.

Two of the other fan speeds are not suitable for night use due to noise.
Replacement filters can cost much higher than the unit.

Rowenta PU4020

If a 29-inch air purifying machine is just slightly displeasing to your eyes, then you will be pleased to know that Rowenta also has a smaller size option that still offers great air purifying solutions even with its 21-inch size.

Small but still powerful. It still has the 4 highly efficient filters, complete protection against 99.97% of indoor air pollution and long lasting performance.

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