Comparing Rousseau And Human Nature

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Rousseau speaks about the origin of inequality that deals with the genuine knowledge of human nature. Rousseau believes that we are like animals but we have some differences. He questions inequality of man then asked about men being deformed by society. The more knowledge we have the more we leave the primitive state. The basic difference between animals and humans is free will. Free will is the decision whether or not to listen to our insistent or impulses. If humans did not have free will then we wouldn’t be able to have the advancements that we have today. There are other things that separate us from animals that include perfectibility, language and reason. Science will never show the power of free will. Since we are developing new intelligence, it increases our superiority to animals. The basic difference between animals and humans is free will. There are two principles, which are repugnance and pity. These two principles …show more content…
There were no general concepts and we did not group things together. The savage man has no preference for a mate because love was created in order for women to control men. Sex has nothing to do with love. We are supposed to show no love or affection like animals. In the time of a savage man there was no need for a family or importance for it. The smallest unit of society was a mother and child. Since this was a start to civilization and society, a way of communication was developed. It started out with sounds and eventually led to arbitrary signs. Children started language in order to communicate because they are dependent and have wants that adults need to tend to. The first advancements that made man superior is that they built shelters, which allowed families to live together. Men and women have different roles and that develops a sense of cooperation. When we develop a sense of preference for a mate it allows love and jealousy to become a conflict between

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