Rousseau Humanism

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Madison Woolley
PHIL 2010 Sec 07
19 Sept. 2016
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Question II
Humanism as We Know It If you saw someone walking down the side of the highway, would you put your life in danger by pulling over to pick them up, or would you keep on driving? You most likely thought that you would keep on driving. Modern day philosophy is based on the idea that human beings focus solely on themselves rather than others or the community.
Rousseau believes human beings are free and capable of their own actions. Aristotle’s distinction of animals is that they do not have the intelligence and sensibility that we humans do. We have the ability to resist temptation of coldhearted actions, while animals do not. Animals live in the moment, obtaining what is necessary
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This action then affects the entire community all because of the selfishness of a single person or a group of people. One usually takes too much in order to secure him or herself. For example, if the common area is a pond, one may catch too many fish to ensure a meal for an entire month so that he or she may survive. This creates a selfishness in society, generating a cycle of these three events. According to Rousseau humans have the ability to either be the selfish individual or not associate him or herself with these negative actions. Animals do not have any idea, and will take as much fish from the pond as necessary to feed its family. Although virtual reality cannot be physically touched, it is a way of communication via different forms of technology. Technology is able to connect us through many advance ways; however, we portray our own selfishness using this same exact technology. This supports modern day humanism by showing the true selfishness of man. The news is just one example of how virtual plains connect us as people. Current news headlines create a unifying bias in our …show more content…
This is known as human to human contact, which we encounter in our daily lives. Physical connections allow us to rely less on emotions, forcing us to think logically. Throughout society logical thinkers are generally connected to success, and those who act emotionally are seen as weak. Weakness can also be seen as failure, which leads many to become fearful. Scared people tend to strive for safety, which then follows the cycle of selfishness, safety, and tragedy of the commons. This relates back to modern humanism as a result of the self-centered way of life our society focuses on. Modern day technology and beliefs define the way we communicate among each other. Humanism has changed drastically due to advances in technology and behavior in our culture. Rousseau’s beliefs can still be found today, but we interpret them differently due to the change of lifestyle since his time. We cannot change the way we think, but it can be altered by outside forces. Sadly, selfishness is a problem among today’s society as shown in modern

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