Essay Rough Draft Of Fahrenheit 451

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Rough Draft of Fahrenheit 451

To some, books are just words on worthless paper. To others, empty promises written on a page. Yet, to others, they are a way to get away from the “real world” and dive into a blissful moment of peace. All of us have our opinions on books, varying from “I don’t even know how to say library correctly” to “I read every chance I get”. However, what if this privilege was taken away from us? Would our opinions change if those books we read were suddenly outlawed? Would anyone even care? Fahrenheit 451 depicts this utopia to some and dystopia to others and what could happen if books were to go up in flames.

Guy Montag, the main character, struggles with finding his identity and stepping out of the status quo. Montag sees himself as everyone hopes to be, living a content, easy life and enjoying every minute of it. He loves what he does and comes home to his loving wife every night. However, when faced with the question ‘Are you really happy?’ charged to him by Clarisse, he begins to question himself. Next thing he knows, Mildred has overdosed, he is troubled by the book he took from some lady’s house, the fire captain is on to him, and everyone seems to disown him. Everything he has put his joy in has come crumbling down. He is all alone in his pursuit to find meaning. Plus, with opposition from seemingly everyone, he has to decide if he wants to extinguish the burning hole in his mind or give it all up and return back to life as usual. With…

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