Essay on Rotten Food And Food Waste Problem

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Pitch: You come home from a long day of work, ready to fix your family dinner. But as you open the fridge, those chicken wings that you’ve been saving have rotten, and now your left with an odor and food gone to waste. Many cooks at home can relate to the issue. As rotten food contributes to the food waste problem in the country, your hard-earned money is thrown away. Spoiled is the solution to your problem as well as decreasing waste in the food system. It is a mobile app that tracks and reminds you of food expirations and if your food will potentially rot. Spoiled is a nonprofit venture that will change the way food is conserved.

Most of the general population know about the inconceivable amount of food that’s wasted in the country. Food is commonly thrown away due to over projections of needs, improper storage and processing, and food rot from food stored past shelf life. About 31 percent, 133 of 430 billion pounds of food from retail and consumers was not consumed.1 These masses of food are then deposited in rotting landfills making up the largest portion of municipal solid waste and increasing methane emissions. But even more concerning, is that many aren’t aware of their own contributions to this issue. The average American family throws out approximately 25 percent of the food they purchase.2 Not only does this seem careless but its costly. Many Americans become so busy with their normal schedules, that they lose track of the items they’ve stored and the date in…

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