Rote Learning And Narrative Pedagogy

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Effectiveness of Rote learning and Narrative pedagogy as Pedagogic Techniques in Congregational Life
Christian educators, as a God´s chosen to evangelize people, are always looking for the most effective way to develop spirituality in their congregation. Despite didactic techniques has been evolving for centuries, providing us many different pedagogy strategies, it is still a challenge for Christian educators deciding which is the most effective pedagogical method in order to fulfill the God’s plan to evangelize people. The Catholic Christian church, the most expanded religion in the world, uses the repetition of prayers and theological truths as a basic method to develop the spirituality of their congregation. However, being the objective of Christian educator to impact life´s people, they must seek to generate meaningful learning, so, is the technique of repetition
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Narrative pedagogy is supported in the article "The Christian Story and Our Stories: Narrative Pedagogy in Congregational Life" by Benjamin D. Espinoza, doctoral student and research assistant in the Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education program at Michigan State University. According to Espinosa narrative pedagogy is an approach to teaching which involve telling life stories in creative ways and comparing biblical life stories to the testimonies to form opinions and change one’s outlook on the past (Espinoza 443). Our second method is rote learning, which is supported in the article, “Rote Learning: A Revived Strategy for Religious Instruction” by Joel A. Smelley Jr, who is Th.M. Student at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. As Smelley explains, rote learning emphasizes that memorization is the mainly technique to acquire knowledge, based on recalling and reciting information rather than in understanding the subject. (Smelley,

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