Rotc Reflection Paper

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ROTC marks the start of a long journey to becoming an Officer in the United States Army. Every officer must go through OCS, Military Academy, or ROTC with the end result of earning the gold bar we have all dreamed about for years. Upon commissioning as an officer you will put everything you learned as a cadet to use while leading and setting an example for your soldiers. This paper is a self reflection of my journey through ROTC starting when I was only a freshman all the way through my senior year. I will then explain my experiences and what I have learned during my time as a Cadet. I will then review my strengthens that have grown over time and illustrate how I will put to use my strengths as a future officer along with creating a plan of …show more content…
In high school I received an opportunity to study abroad, all my life I have been so interested in other countries and cultures that I new I could not pass up this chance. I did all the necessary paperwork and within a few weeks I was accepted and before I knew it I was on my way to Germany. My time in Germany changed my life, everything became so clear on what I wanted to pursue in life. I loved Germany but I realized I loved the USA and wanted to do something more for my country, before I knew it I was sitting in a US Army recruiter’s office wanting to enlist. That evening when I went home and told my parents they were not supportive at first since I was their daughter and no one in my family had been in the military before. They encouraged me to explore my option and look into getting a college education, I agreed that education is very important for success so I obeyed their wishes and looked in to colleges. While touring colleges and meeting former soldiers I found out about ROTC and realized it was a perfect fit. ROTC offered everything I wanted, I was able to get an education and not have to worry about paying for school, I was also able to receive some of the best leadership training in the world, challenging myself, along with commissioning as an officer. I knew that minute I was going to become an Officer in the US Army, my personality type has always been an extrovert and a natural leader, I have a passion for mentoring others and knowing that people look up to me for guidance and help when in tough situations. This was the start of my journey to earning the rank of a seconded

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