Rosa Lee Case Study Essay

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Case Study – Rosa Lee Cunningham
Michael J. Rogers
Liberty University

Case Study – Rosa Lee Cunningham
Name: Rosa Lee Cunningham
Age: Born October 7, 1936 – age 54 at time of interview
Dates of Interviews: Various through 1990
Evaluator: Michael Rogers
Rosa Lee is a 54-year old African American female. She is married but has not lived with her husband in over 40 years and has no regular contact with him. She has eight adult children, three of which intermittently live with her. Her primary sources of income are derived from mostly illegal activities such as dealing drugs, shoplifting, and the sale of stolen goods. She also receives money from government benefits of various sources but these monies are
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She never learned how to read or write and was functionally illiterate as a result. She married at 16 to escape her overbearing mother. Within a short time, her husband began to beat her and she subsequently moved back in with her mother. Her eight children have been fathered by six different men; never settling down permanently with any of the men. This forced her to raise the children as a single mother.
Rosa Lee’s family of origin was also extremely poor, rising out of the impoverished remnants of Civil War slavery into the sharecropper lifestyle in and around the Washington D.C. area. Her father was an abusive alcoholic and her mother was an overbearing, controlling, physically and emotionally abusive mother. Much of her early life was spent in a struggle between trying desperately to leave her mother’s abuse and needing the shelter of her home to escape the abuse of a husband. Growing up she battled many social barriers as well: racial oppression, economic exploitation, segregation, limited educational opportunities, and overwhelming poverty.
CURRENT STATUS: Rosa Lee’s daily activities typically begin with a trip to the methadone clinic for her treatment. She is unable to contain the withdrawal symptoms without the treatment but admits that she will return to her regular heroin use as soon as she is financially able to do so. She feels as though her lifestyle is currently entrenched in such a manner that she

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