Buddhism Cause Of Suffering

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Buddhism is a religion that provides freedom from the root of suffering. Siddhartha Gautama; who later was called buddha due to his enlightenment around 528 BCE devoted his life to teaching the way to overcome suffering. Buddhists believe that suffering is inevitable whether from the beginning or to the end of one’s life. Buddhism requires to end suffering one must realize no-self, which is attained through enlightenment. Buddhism has a way to end that suffering by following the teaching of the Four Noble Truths and reaching enlightenment.

The Buddha 's discovery of the solution to the problem of suffering began with the recognition that life is suffering. This is the first of the Four Noble Truths. If people examine their own experiences
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Before He could find a solution to the problem of suffering in life, He had first to look for the cause of suffering. Buddha discovered that the direct causes of suffering are desire or craving, which is caused by ignorance. This is the truth of the cause of suffering, which is the Second Noble Truth.When desire is a function of greed and selfishness then it becomes a source of Dukkha. Desire is ultimately a craving for a separate and permanent self through attachment to the various processes of existence. The second noble is saying that suffering is caused by craving of what one cannot have or craving to avoid the inevitable. The origin of all forms of suffering comes from the desire for a separate and permanent selfhood. Buddha believes this is because of ignorance. Ignorance can create a false reality of separate and permanent selfs and things. the origin of suffering is attachment to desire. In All the second noble truth is that suffering in its broad sense, comes from desire, and specifically, desire for meeting our expectations and for self fulfilment as we see it. By desiring for ourselves rather than the whole, we will always have …show more content…
To be enlightened is to be awake to a reality that is already present, but which most of us do not perceive.This includes the mind as well as the external world. Such knowledge is the basic antidote to ignorance and suffering. People are drawn to what satisfies the ego and suffer by what might harm it. Thus, creating a mental delusion of a separate and permanent self. The concept of ‘Enlightenment’ or ‘Awakening’ and how it relates to the concept of ‘no-self’ is that the “ego” is in the mind, and creates a false sense of self (you) that is separate and permanent. This attachment to that “self” creates all suffering Buddhism believes that the concept of ‘you’ is a temporary condition caused by the combination of physical and mental components of existence. Attachments when someone is unenlightened causes suffering (called “Dukkha” which is part of the four noble truths) such as: Suffering from physical and mental conditions, Suffering from attachment to changing things and Suffering on things because they don’t measure up to our expectations (because of impermanence things change).Enlightenment is something that happens when someone recognize there has never been a thing known as “you” (ego), and it was all just a mental fabrication. This is referred to as the concept of “no-self” in Buddhism and when you attain this

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