Root Cause Analysis Of Sentinel Event: Child Abduction

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Register to read the introduction… However, the investigative review of pediatrics specifically the sentinel event, has further assigned action items that are to be implemented in addition to those stated and currently a focus in this flow chart.

What human factors were relevant to the event?
Opportunities for error exist in every task performed by a nurse, physician or any other healthcare employee. Even though a single task may never be performed exactly the same way twice, minor variations in performing a task are usually of no concern.
However, when a sentinel event occurs, it is considered a human error. Human error is any human action or inaction that exceeds the tolerances defined by the
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It should outline preparations parents can make to assist with pre and post surgery procedures. Parents play a key role in caring for a hospitalized child. They are the most important person to a child. Make the parents an essential part of the health care team. The hospital should encourage parents to participate actively in the child's care and teach them how. This would lead into an excellent way to interview parents and discover release preferences of the custodial parent, and have them confirm those preferences in writing by signing the release waiver as they are preparing for the …show more content…
The hospital has had a culture of providing what the patients needs and isolating the interaction with the rest of the family and not integrating their interests and care in the recovery of the patients. This culture is changing and more responsibilities are being shared by the families both within and without the hospital. This cooperation requires more open communication, teaching or training, and communicating using layman’s terminology as the hospital educates families, but the result has been less stress on staff, better community relationships, higher profitability, quicker recoveries, and higher patient

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