What Is The Effect Of Roosevelt's Attack On Pearl Harbor

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Pearl Harbor is the naval base in the U.S. territory of Hawaii, Japan surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7,1941 before the attack, no one knew this would happened overnight, America was forced to the World War II by Japanese, this was a rough day to America. During the attack, nearly two thousands and five hundred Americans dead and one thousands and two hundred wounded. The attacked change the United States.
Before the attack happened, none of the high-ranking officials knew. Roosevelt’s attention was focused on the Pacific that morning because, for the previous two years he had used all of his jugglings skills to nudge the nation closer to war in Europe. An internationalist at heart, he recognized that the modern technology of warfare
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They burned U.S Navy battleships and then bombed. It is just a start for the war(Weintraub, Stanley 57-58). The U.S Army, Navy, and Marine Corps air friends were bombed and started. After a bomb took out the seaplane ramp on Ford Island, another bomb flew a utility to species(Weintraub, Stanley 68). The repair ship Vestal, moored next to the Arizona, had been on fire at the time the last bomb struck the Arizona. The explosion of the Arizona’s ammunition magazine was so forceful that it sucked the oxygen away from the area around the Vestal. This put out the fire on the Vestal and knocked approximately 100 sailors overboard. Oil spilled out from the damaged Arizona and caused fire to spread across the surface of the water(Weintraub, Stanley 61). Explosions caused by bombs and torpedoes hitting the ships sent fuel oil flying(Weintraub, Stanley 64). With no hope of defensive help from U.S. aircraft, the navy ships experienced mass destruction in Pearl Harbor. Ten minutes after the first attack, the second wave of planes descended on Pearl Harbor. Japanese chose the Navy to destroy that American can not fight back very quickly, because their weapons are destroyed by the Japanese. The Pennsylvania had been mostly ignored during the first wave because it was in dry dock. At 9:07 a.m., it was hit with a bomb that killed 18 men and wounded 30. After nine minutes, the bombs were dropped on Raleigh . To …show more content…
American will not forget this attack, they will remember that their country have the rough day in the

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