Essay on Roosevelt 's Impact On The Great Depression

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When the Great Depression hit America in 1929, the nation sprawled into a time of immense poverty and destitution. President Hoover failed to respond effectively to the economic troubles relying on his philosophies of rugged individualism and the business cycle. While Hoover failed to take action, the nation continued its downward spiral into hardship. In 1932 Hoover lost to Franklin D. Roosevelt, who immediately took action towards the nation’s struggles. The people’s confidence in the government increased with the jobs that were created and Roosevelt’s actions, but the confidence also allowed the government to expand its power. President Roosevelt took the action that Hoover could not, ultimately changing the role of the government and further incorporating it into the lives of the citizens. However, Roosevelt’s actions mainly regulated the stock markets and encouraged the faith of the citizens, but increased national debt and did not fully address the unemployment issue. The Roosevelt Administration’s response to the Great Depression was beneficial socially and culturally, but economically not as effective. Socially and culturally the actions of Roosevelt’s Administration provided aid and inspired credence in the American people. Roosevelt entered his presidency with a plan and took action immediately, passing a multitude of bills and issuing nation wide relief. While the acts and agencies established by Roosevelt did create a fair share of jobs, they did not bring down…

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