Roosevelt 's Big Stick Diplomacy Essay

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During World War One imperialism was trending on a global scale and eventually the United States became an imperial nation, meaning that its goal was to conquer weaker nations in order to expand their own: formally and informally. The US also felt it was its destiny to “civilize” or “westernize” foreign nations so that they would be affluent. During this time, Theodore Roosevelt created the idea of big stick diplomacy, which is Roosevelts Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine. He believed that it was the US’ duty to intervene in the affairs of nations that have continuously been doing wrong. Since it is the US’ obligation, as a world power, to support democratic objectives and spread its influence around the world, Roosevelt’s big stick diplomacy proves to be a successful concept to accomplish those goals. Within this period The New York Herald (a newspaper) published a political cartoon of Roosevelt that represented his foreign policy, big stick diplomacy. Roosevelt is drawn unrealistically large in comparison to the scale of the other images in the drawing. He is depicted with a bat that is labeled, “big stick” and is treading across the “Caribbean Sea”, which is surrounded by Panama, Mexico, Santo Domingo, Cuba, and Venezuela. In addition to the drawing, ships labeled “debt collection, the sheriff, and the receiver” are following Roosevelt, indicating that they are American ships. The ships portray the idea of informal imperialism, having a sphere of influence on a nation…

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