Room Emma Donoghue Essay

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Jack’s Search for His Identity

Identity can be defined as the fact of being whom or what a person is. Internal and external factors shape a child’s concept of their own identity. These factors include the environmental setting, family, community, and the media. In the novel Room by Emma Donoghue, the 5-year-old narrator/protagonist Jack learns his identity through exploring the familiar space he occupies, the close relationship between he and his mother, and watching television. It is clear that Jack faces many challenges, which lead him to discover how his identity is shaped; this is evident through the exploration of him forming personal attachments to his mother, the room he lived in, and the problems he encounters to the new outside
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According to Dr. Clay, Jack has developed his literacy and numeracy skills as well as his physical health was normal. However, Jack will face difficulties in establishing himself within society and will have to get used to adjustments such as social interaction, sensory modulation, and spatial perception. Jack’s escape story is a miracle that the whole world found astonishing. “There’s a girl on the other swing, I didn’t even see her coming in. She’s swinging not at the same time as me she’s back when I’m forward. ‘What’s your name?’ she asks. I pretend I don’t hear. ‘This is Ja---Jason,’ says Grandma” (Donoghue, 277). This shows that Jack cannot reveal his real name due to his story being all over the media. His actions and behaviors are not suited to the real world and therefore anyone can realize that it is Jack, and they are going to want to get his picture and his autograph. All in all, Jack experiences problems adjusting to the real world.

It is clear that Jack overcomes many obstacles that results in identifying his own identity; this is evident through the exploration of him forming personal attachments to his mother, to the room he used to live in and to the new outside world. Jack is very close with his mother, and therefore he could not function properly without her. He needs her love, care and nurturing in order to survive.

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