Room 211 Case Study

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8:49/8:59 (Wednesday) - exit door #2, bus duty for Makenzie Smith (KHG) and Randy Anderson (KW). Get students off of the bus 1S. Jayden leaves his wheelchair in the lobby and walks in the walker. Help Jayden sit on his chair and then walk Makenzie and Randy to their kindergarten classrooms.
9:05-9:10 - Room 211 - Go to Krishnansh and help fill out his chart. If he has two “smiles”, he gets a reward. He usually chooses to read or talk in the library. He is pulled out from there by Mrs. Gustafson.
9:10-10:20 - room 211 - Support Sebastian during math. Manage his behavior using a token system and a chart. If he doesn’t bring it to you, ask Mrs. Swift (next room) for it. The instruction on how to use token system is attached to my plans. At 9:50 Mrs. Gustafson
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Fill out his reward chart with him.
11:10-11-45 - Lunch
11:50-12:30 - Room 211 - Assist Krishnansh in his classroom with ELA.
12:30-12:35 - Room 162 - Walk Krishnansh to Mrs. Eaton room and assist him at ELL.
12:40-1:00 - Go to the lunchroom and assist Harsha during recess.
1:00-1:15 - I usually work on Work Studies in the LMC. Please, ask Mrs. Gustafson (Room 139) or another special education teacher how you could utilize this time slot.
1:15-1:30 - Room 126 - Assist Lilli in 2nd grade classroom. Manage her behavior utilizing token reward system. When she earns 15 Star Wars white tokens, she chooses her reward. Make sure to reward her whenever she follows directions and acts according to the expectations.
1:30-2:20 - Assist Lilli during Specials
2:20-3:15 - Room 126 - Support Lilli during writing. Use a writing token reward folder (it is inside of a regular one). She gets a golden token which has a value of five when she writes three sentences, she uses a second grade handwriting and follows expectations. She has to earn three golden tokens to get a reward.
3:20-3:35/3:40 - Room 126 - Assist Lilli during packing. She walks independently to a regular

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