Rookery Building Essay

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The Rookery Building One of my favorite buildings in Chicago is the Rookery Building, which was built in 1888 by Daniel Burnham and John Root on the South-East corner of LaSalle and Adams streets. Eleven stories tall and 181 feet high, it is the oldest high rise building still standing in Chicago. The building is commonly called the “Rookery” because of the crows and pigeons that roosted in the roof and walls of the temporary city hall that previously stood at that site and the corrupt politicians who had offices in the city hall building. The heavy marble arch at the entrance of the building even has carved sculptures of birds to remind people of the building’s name. I like the building because it seems to be both old and
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The building contained expensive and beautiful interior decorations and was very prestigious. It had more than 600 offices which were used primarily by executives from important companies. Burnham and Root moved their offices to the top floor of the building. Over time, the Rookery underwent several major renovations. In 1905, Frank Lloyd Wright remodeled the ground floor to look more modern by covering up original wrought iron columns in the light court with white marble and replacing many original decorations with geometric patterns. In 1931 architect William Drummond renovated the ground floor lobby by dividing it into two separate floors and removing double stairways. He also replaced many of the original decorations with Art Deco-style decorations of birds and other animals. Over time, additional changes were made to the building. To protect from rain, the original glass ceiling was painted over and covered with tar. The last major change was made in 1988, when McClier architects added a 12th floor to the building. However, they have installed a new skylight to provide more light to the building. They also restored many of the original decorations that were made by John Root and Frank Lloyd Wright. Nowadays, the Rookery building remains as a very important building for business offices. Several of the world's most famous

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