Essay about Ronald Takaki 's A Different Mirror

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Composition #4 In a college curriculum, I like to think that the biggest thing to learn is self worth. While there are other goals such as independence and teamwork I feel as though the one seen the most in Ronald Takaki’s A Different Mirror. It is seen at least once in each chapter and in the lives of the minority groups Takaki writes about and discusses. Each minority group in the chapters have been discriminated against in at least one way or another. Even a group of white people were discriminated against and in today’s society, many people tend to dismiss that part of history. Despite each of these groups being discriminated against I feel as though they all somehow found a way to find their self worth and fight back against the discrimination being directed towards them. I believe we can still see that in today’s society. While becoming more aware of your own self worth, I also believe it is important to learn that others also mean something to the world and that they also have worth. In A Different Mirror many of the groups were discriminated against because they weren 't accepted into what was considered a normal society. The ones putting these groups down only saw their own self worth and not everyone else 's. I believe we should find a balance in being aware of ourselves and others. In chapter one of A Different Mirror Takaki explains how colonizers and Thomas Jefferson treated the natives and the slaves. I believe these sections really show how sometimes we…

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