Essay on Ronald Reagan 's Policy Towards Foreign Affairs

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Ronald Reagan 's Policy Towards Foreign Affairs Ronald Reagan was the 40th President of the United States of America. His two terms as president were one of the most important times in American history. Reagan was a very unorthodox thinker compared to other politicians. Unlike other politicians, Reagan did not see things as black and white. Instead, he thought there was a gray area. Reagan had a distinct vision, which he typically pursued with or without the support of his advisors. Three pinnacle pieces of Reagan’s vision were U.S. military buildup, anti-nuclearism and a change in the national policy towards the Soviet Union.
Reagan wanted to restore the United States’ strength through military buildup. Reagan believed that the United States military buildup would show the European allies that the United States had not abandoned them. He thought it would also be the beginning of negotiation between the United State and the Soviet Union. Another reason was before Reagan’s presidency, the United States was in an economic depression and low public morals. After the Vietnam War had ended, the government lowered its military budget (Schneider & Merle, 2004). Companies that had great profit from the war were now struggling to keep afloat. There was also a high increase in taxes, inflation, and interest rates, which left the U.S. economy in terrible shape (“Ronald Reagan 's Military Buildup”, n.d.).
When Ronald Reagan became president in 1980, he introduced many programs that…

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