Ronald Reag The American Hero Essay

1208 Words Nov 10th, 2016 5 Pages
Benton Whitley
Mr. Netkovick
Honors Senior Seminar
3 November 2016
Ronald Reagan: “The American Hero”

Communism and Capitalism. This was all anyone in America cared about during the presidency of Ronald Reagan in the 1980’s. During the 80’s, political hostility during the Cold War was near its peak. The Cold War was what defined the political tension that existed between the Soviet’s eastern “bloc” countries and the US-led Western powers. However, there was no bloodshed during this war, thus given its name, the Cold War. During Reagan’s presidency, the Soviet Union in the east was the capital of communism and they were looking to spread their beliefs to other uninfluenced and even influenced lands. Communists in the 80’s wanted the world to be communist, they believed the world would be better off that way. However, many countries especially those in the west, like the US disagreed with communist ideals. The fear of Communism in America grew faster and faster over the years of the Cold War as Communist spies were being found and the so called “Red Menace” or Communist community of the world was getting bigger and stronger. Communism became a very big concern for the Americans of the 80’s and this caused many to look to President Reagan for a solution. During Reagan’s presidency, he did many things to try to counteract the threats of Communism during the Cold War, but what Reagan is most well-known for doing is implementing the foreign policies that he put in place to…

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