Ronald Holme Mullin: The Twisted Mind Of A Serial Killer

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The twisted mind of a serial killer has always been an interest in societies across the world. People have followed them, studied them, and even married them. Ray Ramirez has been on death row for twenty-one years for the rape, torture, and murder of thirteen women and still receives “bags full of mail” (Rufus 2010). H.H. Holmes was American’s first recorded serial killer in 1886. Since then, the country has marveled about this specific breed of people. What makes them tick? It’s difficult to put every single serial killer on a list and explain what they do and why they do it because killers are different. Some may kill for pleasure, some may kill for money, some may suffer from a mental illness, others may have a plethora of reasons, and some may have no reason at all. It’s hard for most humans to imagine how some of the killers who have come into this world could do some of the horrendous things they have done. Scientists have devoted a significant amount of research and time into studying the serial killer and attempting to understand them. Several criminologists and scientists have studied serial killers enough to classify them into typologies. These typologies were designed to help law enforcement identify the individuals who are committing heinous crimes by identifying elements about the crime scene and the victim. Ronald …show more content…
He was diagnosed with schizophrenia and displayed alarming behaviors prior to his murders. His victims were not selected by age, gender, or any other affiliation. His first three victims happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, as well as his last victim. They were simply strangers whom a voice told him to kill. Mullin believed his murders were necessary for the greater good. The murders were also spontaneous; he spotted his victims and in the moment decided to kill them. He also left the bodies and made no attempt to hide

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