Herbert Mullin

The twisted mind of a serial killer has always been an interest in societies across the world. People have followed them, studied them, and even married them. Ray Ramirez has been on death row for twenty-one years for the rape, torture, and murder of thirteen women and still receives “bags full of mail” (Rufus 2010). H.H. Holmes was American’s first recorded serial killer in 1886. Since then, the country has marveled about this specific breed of people. What makes them tick? It’s difficult to put every single serial killer on a list and explain what they do and why they do it because killers are different. Some may kill for pleasure, some may kill for money, some may suffer from a mental illness, others may have a plethora of reasons, and some …show more content…
He was a vicious and brutal killer, whose rampage took place over a span of four months, beginning in October of 1972 and ending in February of 1973. Mullin seemed like a normal young man, he was even voted “most likely to succeed” in high school (Scott n.d.). After the death of his best friend, however, his life took a downward spiral. He was twenty-five when he began hearing voices of an imminent earthquake that would soon come to Santa Cruz, California. In October 1972, Mullin pulled over on the side of the road and lured a homeless man, Lawrence White, to help him claiming he had car trouble. He then beat White to death with a baseball bat and left his body on the side of the road. A few weeks later, he picked up a female hitchhiker, stabbed her to death, opened up her body and removed her organs. In November 1972, he walked into a church confessional booth and stabbed the priest, claiming voices told him to do it. In January 1973, he went to the house of Jim Gianera and killed him and his wife in their home. He then proceeded to go to the house of Kathy Francis, and killed her, her nine-year-old son, and her four-year-old son. A month later, in February, he was walking around a campsite and found four teenage boys. He shot them all dead in their cabin. Ten days after that, Mullin saw an old man working in his garden and got out of his car, shot him, and drove away. His rampage finally came to an end when a neighbor witnessed this violent attack and called authorities. When Mullin was finally in custody, he confessed to all thirteen murders, but claimed that he had to murder in order to prevent a dangerous earthquake. He claimed that his victims sent him telepathic messages telling him to kill them. He claimed that Lawrence White looked like Jonah from the Bible and sent him a telepathic message saying, “Hey, man, pick me up and throw me over the boat. Kill me so that others will be saved” (Scott

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