The Myth Of The Grand Judge Hercules Essay

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In Ronald Dworkin’s Law’s Empire, the myth of the grand judge Hercules is ‘encapsulated by the metaphor of an ideal judge, Hercules is immensely wise and with full knowledge of legal sources. Acting on the premise that the law is a seamless web, Hercules is required to construct the theory that best fits and justifies the law as a whole in order to decide any particular case. Hercules, Dworkin argues, would always come to the one right answer.’(Dworkin) In contrary to the Greek demigod, the question is prose whether Edward Snowden’s decision to rebel against the US intelligence agency was the correct moral choice.

“All men make mistakes, but a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong, and repairs the evil. The only crime is pride.”―
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Some persons may call that alternative facts, others would refer to it as a lie. Thoreau says that you should stand and take your punishment if you are to be civilly disobedient or else you are causing injustice in the world. According to Thoreau, the worst moral decision someone could make is to cause any more injustice in the world. As for the Snowden he immediately fled the country to a rival nation whom offered him safety within their borders. Both Thoreau and Hobbes would agree that this was a dastardly immoral and disloyal act. ‘If you do not uphold your agreements to your own sovereign you can not be trusted by any other sovereign in the future’ (Hobbes) Following hobbes morality, snowden should have presented his complaint to congress. There has never been a disclosure of any agreement between Russia and Snowden, however less than three years after arrival, the biggest cyberattack on a US government server was executed amidst a controversial election season. While there has been no official reports on Snowden's involvement in the hacks, the traitor is still avoiding punishment for his actions. This inability to face one's accuser is viewed as quite suspicious during a courtroom style cross

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