Ron Clark Reaction

The Ron Clark is the type of teacher new teachers hope to become one day. His story gives great examples of ways to make sure that no students is overlooked or left behind. He goes above and beyond what most people see as a teacher’s job. He did not work 8-4 and walk away. He spent time actively working to find techniques to engage his students in ways that would make learning fun for them. He also spent time outside of class working with them on their studies. Students don’t always learn things on the first try and being able to find a different way to present the information is imperative if students are going to succeed.
The movie is set in Harlem, New York. This area is not affluent and there is a large amount of crime. The
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There is no mixing of high learners with low learners. The main problem with this system is that the students know they are the low learners. They use this classification to justify not doing school work and achieving any academic success. The administration, teachers, and parents are guilty of doing exactly the same thing. The parents feeling this way is the worst part. They have been told repeatedly that their children are low learners and with everything else that they have to deal with they have found it easier to just believe it and go on with life. If these children had been born in a different place where the parents didn’t have to work so hard or such long hours there would be more of a chance that they would get extra help and attention instead of just being forgotten and shoved aside. These students did not have the support network that a teacher would hope to find at home. Many of them had adult responsibilities to fulfill and no adult to help them or push them to succeed. Unfortunately, what happened was the students have been made to feel unwanted and unteachable. The Ron Clark story is a great example of how challenging students allows them to grow and expand their knowledge. He not only taught the students he helped the parents to believe in their children and expect more from them. This engagement of the parents is a big factor in student …show more content…
This interaction showed Ron the attitude of his future students. He does not allow this lack of respect and caring deter him from pursuing relationships with each of his students. His philosophy of the classroom being a family seems like such a simple concept, but many of his students have never experience a family or if they have it has not been a positive experience. This illustrates how a simple idea can have many different connotations for students. It takes him time to get his students to buy into the family idea. Some ways that he works toward this goal is working on personal relationships with each of them. He tries to learn about their likes, dislikes, hopes, and dreams. This allows him to personalize his lessons and also to offer the right encouragement to each student. These actions allow him to build trust which is what ultimately helps him win over the students. Children want to trust people, but that trust must be earned. In order to earn it they will often test and push to find the boundaries or in the case of Ron’s class to find out how far they have to push to make him leave. Ways he uses to establish trust is to give class rules which set down boundaries and expectations for the students. This helps the students to know exactly what is expected of them and what happens if they choose not to follow them. Consistency is

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