Essay on Rommel and Eisenhower

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Complexity Within Simplicity The battle itself took the duration of a few days but was one of the most intense and fearsome battles in all of WWII. It took place in North Africa between the Allies (British + Americans) and the Axis (German+ Italian) powers. The battle was called the Battle of El Alamein and it held a high significance since it took place in Alam el Halfa, which is next to the Suez Canal that was the Allies’ main means of transporting and receiving food. This was essentially a last stand for the allies as the German-Italian forces kept advancing and conquering and showed no signs of stopping until all of Africa was under their control. However, they were stopped by the by two major generals- Eisenhower and Montgomery …show more content…
Despite the outnumbered battalions, Rommel stood and fought. Being a high-prestige, high ranked Field Marshall, Rommel understood how battles worked. After all, the road to his rank of Field Marshall was not easy. Rommel first took part in battle during WWI against the Italians. One of his most famous achievements was on Lucia Savogna road, In Italy. It was indeed a remarkable feat. Rommel and his men had been marching and quickly conquering their way into parts of Italy and destroying any resistance that came with it. After cutting deep into Italy, and stopping at a village named Luico, his army decided to rest briefly and let the rest of the army units and reinforcements catch up. Then, one of the men spotted something in the distance moving towards them. Rommel told one of his men to check out the surrounding sight. After checking, he told Rommel that several resistance forces of the Italian military were on their way towards them. Rommel quickly spread this information with all of his soldiers and told them to prepare for battle. Though Rommel’s men only numbered to about 150, Rommel knew he had to stand. It was a huge gamble at the time because had they lost the battle, Rommel’s campaign would’ve ended and the remaining reinforcements that were on their way, also would’ve been destroyed. However, Rommel took the gamble, and positioned machine

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