Romeo And Juliet Sacrifice

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Romeo And Juliet

In this romantic novel there are many different themes like love, hate loyalty, sacrifice and more. But the ones that really caught my eye were sacrifice and love, the kind of love romeo and juliet have was like no other i have seen. Romeo and juliet would do anything for eachother even if they had just met. In their case it was love at first sight. Although there are many themes i think the most that standout to me is sacrifice and love due to the hate between the two families but the love at first sight which the two had. It was a forbidden love.

Romeo and juliet both come from a totally different group of people who have a strong hate for each other due to their families past. Romeo from the Montagues was just getting
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They do not want others mistakes ruin things for them. Although juliet is getting married she tries to convince her parents to wait, but cannot mention why. Her love for romeo would forever be forbidden by her parents. Romeo and juliet had completely fell in love with each other that they soon then get married. But they do this in secret. Their plan was to run away together but had no clue how. Juliet made a plan without romeo knowing which caused the biggest sacrifice of all time in the novel written by william shakespeare. Juliet planned on taking a drug that would make her seem dead so that the wedding with paris could not go on. But romeo hadn't known of this plan. He finds juliet's body and then commits suicide. He does this because of his deep love for juliet. He could not live without her.

Juliet does the same when she awakes from after taking the drug. She was so in love with with romeo she was willing to sacrifice her own life so that they could be together but this time forever. This was an unforgettable sacrifice and is known everywhere around the world. The love and sacrifice of romeo and juliet is something only some will understand.

Most would say this novel is nonsense becasue two teenagerrs kill them selves for love, they sacrifice their very life for someone they barely know. But some don't understand the power of love, all though they had

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