Romeo And Juliet Poster Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… This symbolises 'hope', through conflict, being transformed into 'tragedy', as in the film Romeo and Juliet are full of hope when they meet each other, but by the end of the film this hope has turned into tragedy as they both commit suicide. It also symbolises 'vengeance', through conflict, being turned into 'love', as in the film the vengeance the two families have springs conflict, through which Romeo and Juliet meet, and fall in love. The two bullets are going in opposite directions, which symbolises a two-way conflict between the rival families.

On this poster there are six different pictures instead of just one. This is to show that the film has many different aspects, the main themes being, romance and violence. Therefore the film is aimed at, and appeals to, a young male and female audience alike. This poster was designed making effective use of many different techniques including camera angles, fonts, graphics, background/foreground focusing and colour and light usage, there by creating a
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At this point in the trailer, where the audience is accustomed to a peaceful love story, appealing mainly to a young female audience, the title appears. The red cross from this title (the same as on the poster) is superimposed onto the title, giving the impression of the cross zooming in. This makes a black and white title, for a split second, turn entirely red, as the cross zooms in. This shows great contrast in the title, as red is the colour associated with love, danger and blood. This font and cross, all of which represents authenticity, modern age and conflicting themes throughout the film, act as a mid point barrier for the trailer, separating slow, calm and peaceful moods in the film from an action packed fast and furious side to the film. This concept is introduced by an ear throttling male scream, during which many contrasting shots are seen, in a very small amount of time, giving the impression of speed. Interspersed between scenes of modern violence, featuring a male Latino character fighting in an elaborate fashion, are shots of an expressionless, beautiful and calm Juliet which shows the great contrast in the film. At the

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