Romeo And Juliet Free Will Analysis

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Controversies on Freewill in Romeo & Juliet
Everyone makes choices out of their own free will which affects their life at that time, but it also affects others life. The choices people make now can either create bonds or inflict them with wounds, but it is the choices that are made. The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare contains characters that act through freewill which causes a number of incidents. The tragedies of the main characters Romeo and Juliet occur in the play by characters not realizing their own actions affecting them that were not a result of fate. Romeo is attempting to lose his feelings for Rosaline because she has sworn that she will die as a single virgin. He needed to get his mind off of Rosaline,
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An example is when Lord Capulet said, “Go, sirrah, trudge about/ through fair Verona, find those persons out/ whose names are written there, and to/ them say, / my house and welcome on their pleasure stay” (1.2.34-38) to the servant, Peter, to give the invitations to the guests in which Peter decided to ask someone to read the invitation names to him. Peter then decided to go Romeo, but he did not know or realize that he is a Montague. That was a mistake made by Peter because he should have known Romeo was a Montague because the families have been in a feud for a generations. Also, the mistake Juliet made was she said,” Go, find my Romeo” (4.2.121) to a servant and he had to give the letter to Romeo, but Juliet could have given the letter to someone else such as: Friar Lawrence or the Nurse. The Nurse and Juliet were so close that the Nurse was breastfeeding her as a baby. Even after that Juliet did not trust the Nurse to let her deliver the letter, but Juliet can tell the Nurse every detail about her life and Romeo. However, Juliet had the freewill to choose who to give the letter to and she decided to give it to a servant. All the characters had their own freewill to do what they wanted to do, but they choose not to do the right thing from their own …show more content…
They could have decided to do anything they wanted to do, but they chose their own actions. The choices that were made could have created bonds between families, but in Romeo and Juliet it created multiple wounds for both sides of the family. The characters within the play think that everything is led by faith, but it is truly led by freewill. They are not controlled by anyone, they choose their own actions and they are affected by their own actions. When someone makes their own decision and they get backfired it is not anyone’s fault, except their own. Now thinking it is fate that created the reaction from the action that you choose in your life is just

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