Romeo and Juliet, Cause and Effect Essay

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Romeo and Juliet Cause and Effect

Were Romeo and Juliet really “star-crossed” lovers? Some people may argue both ways on this subject, and there could be arguments each way. You would think only bad things could result from love between the two most hateful families ever heard of, and I also believe only bad things could result from this love Romeo and Juliet were horribly in love even though they were both in opposite sides of the Capulet – Montague historic feud. The prologue even states, “A pair of star- crossed lovers take their life”. So, we know this doomed love will take their lives. But, will they be the only casualties of this hated love? One of the people this doomed love influenced, probably more than
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One of the things he said while angrily ranting Juliet and calling her names was, “Hang thee, young baggage! disobedient wretch!” So, he was very hateful. And, also like Romeo, this doomed love also caused her to eventually kill herself. This happened when she woke from her sleep in the Capulet tomb and saw Romeo’s body after he killed himself because she wasn’t awake. So, now she thought the only option was to die; so she grabbed Romeo’s dagger, and impaled herself and fell on top of Romeo’s dead body. All because she didn’t want to live without her love, Romeo. Romeo and Juliet’s hopeless love affected other people as much as it affected the star-crossed lovers themselves. This doomed love had a huge impact on Paris. Paris had consent from Lord Capulet to marry Juliet and had the wedding planned, but obviously Juliet was in love with Romeo so that kept Paris from getting what he wished. He was heartbroken when Juliet was “dead” after taking the potion saying, “Uncomfortable time, why camest thou now to murder, murder our solemnity?” Which meant why did Death come to kill our celebrations? Also, going with the trend, the love of Romeo and Juliet cost Paris his life in the end. This occurred when Romeo and Paris happened to be at the Capulet tomb at the same time to see Juliet. Romeo is there to kill himself, but Paris tells him to leave. So, Romeo tells him that if he doesn’t leave he will kill Paris to. So,

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