How Can Love Be A Tragedy

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Can love be a tragedy? In Williams Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, it is just that. A tale set where two hate ridden families must learn to love one another. The Capulets and Montagues rivalry tearing everyone, both their families and Verona apart. Romeo and Juliet is a timeless classic that has stayed elegant and yet evolved with the generations that read it in ways such as, the plot, characters and ending.
The plot of Romeo and Juliet has always been about two forbidden lovers in Verona, Italy. The star crossed lovers face too much for young teenagers. As they are originally forbidden to even interact,with love that cannot be stopped, the two find each other and, they learn to try and hide their uncontainable love. No matter how hard fate and earthly elements try to pry the lovers apart, their attempts are fickle. Not even in the end do they succeed
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They can provide closure for the reader, leave them wondering what will happen to the characters after you close the book. THe ending in Romeo and Juliet is iconic. The two families realising what their fued does to each other, finally deciding to make peace, and ending the Capulet and Montague feud. Yet the cost that both families have to pay for them to realise their mistake is too great. Each of them having to pay for the arrogance with the ones they love. Romeo and Juliet are known for their love. Stories written off what their love was, worth dying for. Sure they may have been rash and impulsive, but they model a type of love that is rare and legendary.
The ending of the modern version in what a lot of us wanted. Romeo and Juliet getting there fairy tale ending. Yet it is not the point of the point of the story. The happy twist is welcome but unexpected. As I stated before the ending of Romeo and juliet is iconic and is known for the lesson that it teaches the reader. The modern interpretation doesn't show us the meaning and lesson behind the

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