Romeo and Juliet's Love Essay

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Romeo and Juliet’s love was doomed from the start.
Juliet’s lust for power ( That's a very interesting idea. I only thought she had the boy-girl kind of lust. ) was destined to destroy her relations with Romeo. Capulet forces (betroths) Juliet to marry Count Paris, a man she does not love. When she refuses to marry him, Capulet threatens his daughter and says, “…get thee to church o' Thursday, or never after look me in the face”. This causes Juliet to take her own actions against his (her?) father’s will. She does not want to marry Paris and so she begins to manipulate those close to her in order to get what she wants. To Friar Lawrence she says to him, “I long to die if what thous speakest speak not of remedy”. However by doing so she
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But I suppose if they died, their love died too.)
*Romeo and Juliet belong to families of opposing sides with an old bitter dispute. With this, the difficulty of starting a relationship soon followed whether they wanted it or not; this was unavoidable. It had only gone as far as it had because of the naivety (naiveté) shown by the parents of the Capulets and Montagues to the events that were taking place between Romeo and Juliet. After their first meeting the nurse tells Juliet, “His name is Romeo, and a Montague; the only son of your great enemy”. Romeo also finds out and says in reply “Is she a Capulet?" O dear account! My life is my foe's debt“. But by this time it had been too late; the two had fallen in love and it would be impossible to separate them. This supports Capulet’s thoughts further when he later says “…Poor sacrifices of our enmity!” At this stage the disaster to come was put in place ready to cause havoc; Romeo and Juliet were doomed to fail.
It is definite that Fate had made its contributions to the ruin of Romeo and Juliet. On their very meeting their destiny was sealed and Fate put forward the motions for their demise. This involved the actions of many factors, whether intentionally or not. Many people also made (played) their parts in the destruction of Romeo and Juliet. But perhaps there is some good in this. This could have ended the dispute between Capulets and Montagues and therefore Romeo and

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