Rome 's Influence On The Roman Government Essay

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Rome is the capital of Italy, which is a peninsula. The Latins were the first people to reside in Rome during 1000 BC. Then in 616 BC, the Etruscans took over and helped started Roman culture. Rome started off as a Republic, but slowly transitioned into an empire. Among the emperors of Rome, Octavian Caesar was the greatest emperor Rome ever had.
Rome created mankind’s first republican government that was ran by elected officials. It all started with the overthrowing of a monarch king, Lucius Tarquinius Superbus, and in 509 BC it had a constitution that was similar to the United States Constitution. Both have the power to veto, impeach, and have a form of checks and balances, but the Roman constitution was unwritten. It helped form a political structure for the Roman government based on precedents and overtime it gradually developed. The Republic was made up of three parts; the Senate, the Assembly, and two head consuls. Each had a specific role in the Roman government.
The Senate, also known as the Council of Elders, was made up of Patricians, who were wealthy landowners. The three hundred members that made up the Senate were former magistrates and were able to serve for life. The job of the Senate was to handle all foreign affairs, manage the use of public money, and reject or accept laws proposed by the Assembly.
The Assembly’s role in the Roman government was much like the United States’ legislative branch. Being apart of the Assembly was based mostly on social…

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