Rome 's Influence On Military Service Essay

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Rome’s Empire was one of many nations that were built on military conquests. However, Rome’s military was efficient in capturing and destroying their enemies as they captured surrounding territories and expanded their control all over Afro-Eurasia. Captured enemies where turned into slaves and, where then drafted into the army. This is the process in which this occurred allows historians to believe that Rome’s success is influenced through military service. To begin this process of growth began between 340 and 335 B.C.E. Rome was faced with an attack by their Latin “allies’. Yet, this only occurred due to the fact that Rome was growing rapidly and out of fear for their own independence the Latin people attacked the territory of Rome. Unfortunately, the Romans easily subdued Italy’s attacks and by 265 B.C.E. Rome controlled the Italian Peninsula. Rome’s quick advancement over the Italians was not just due to strength and strategy. This military power was created was through the belief of war Ethos. “A heightened sense of honor drove Roman men to push themselves into battle again and again, and never to accept defeat.” These beliefs where influenced through stories such as the tale of Marcus Sergius. Sergius was wounded very often in battle and was crippled in both his hands and his feet. Eventually, in one of the wars he lost his hand, but continued to serve. This ruthless and brutal commitment made Roman warriors realize that loyalty and perseverance was to being warriors…

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